2 Gigs in San Francisco!





The oysters were chilled, and the music was red hot.

What do jazz musicians do on their night off? We’re jazz groupies. We scooped up our lovely better halves and headed for the swanky supper club, the Cliff House. We were amazed and astounded by the John Kalleen Group (which plays on the first Friday of the month). It was an especially nice treat to hear our friend, Jon Herbst, tickle the ivories.


What’s that, you say?

The voice in my head is always deeper, fuller, more confident and mellow than the voice I hear on my outgoing vm. So, though I have a pretty good ear, I sometimes worry about how we’ll sound as a band, when recorded. A moment in the recording studio was all it took to dispel my doubts.

We even had Jon, the studio manager grooving to our music. We had a great session, and that voice in my head is shrilly saying, I told you so.

Coventry Studios, here we come

We’re looking forward to our upcoming session at the famed Coventry Studios. Jim is anxious to play a hundred year old Steinway. And Tom will bring his new fretless bass. We’re only recording a few of our tunes, but they’re going to sound amazing. Mike, Jim’s brother, will also be on hand to snap a few stills, and maybe a short video. It’s going to be a blast. We’ll post the new tracks as soon as they’re ready.

Zona Blu opens an opening

img_0001Mike Connor never knew he had it in him. As a veteran art director at many high-powered ad agencies, he was more accustomed to commissioning artwork, than creating it.

On the day he awoke from a heart attack, he had the vivid memory of meeting a woman. She was a slave, whose life ended with a brutal beating and drowning. Their chance meeting inspired Mike to capture their encounter on over two dozen canvases he titled the Water Series.

The show, Relative Matters at the A.Muse Gallery, opened over two rainy San Francisco nights, accompanied by the lively music of Zona Blu. Many glasses were clinked and many paintings were sold.